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Inspired by the timeless works of Anthony Ravielli and the digital age, the iconic images of Bobby Jones, take on a new life and meaning.

It was by pure chance that Obetz came to possess the archives of Ravielli, or “Mister Ravielli,” as Obetz refers to him.

In 2004, seven years after Ravielli died, Obetz was living in New York City and walking his golden retriever in Central Park. The pair turned onto 75th Street and happened upon a gallery he had never visited. As an artist, Obetz’s general instinct is to search for the lost and forgotten, so he ignored the paintings on the main walls and ventured into the back room where he found boxes containing thousands of sketches, notes and scratchboards littering a billiards table. Among them, he recognized the sharp black pen of Anthony Ravielli and knew he had to rescue them.

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