15 Karat Big Dog Ranch All American Rescue Flag

15 Karat Big Dog Ranch All American Rescue Flag

Artist’s Statement

Over the years, it has been important to me to keep the American Dream Alive. The American Flag symbolizing Freedom, Strength, Hope and so much more is a constant source of my creative inspiration. When Big Dog Ranch Rescue asked me to create an All American Rescue Flag for the Denim Diamonds and Dogs Gala, the parallels became clear what direction I would take for this one-of a-kind rescue flag.

For over 15 years, Big Dog Ranch has been a source of giving to dogs in need of a friend and a home. The original vision of Lauree Simmons has been the guiding light. Lauree and her entire team along with each individual who has adopted a dog share that All American spirt of giving back to those in need.

As a mixed media artist, I search for what’s lost, forgotten or abandoned. My entire creative life has been devoted to my own theory of “Forgotten Beauty Found.” Constantly looking for ways to repurpose objects, give them a new life and a new voice is the foundation for each work. The All American Rescue Flag is in itself a rebirth.

Our flags may grow old, become tattered and torn from their service, yet they come alive in new ways to lead us again in hope. The elements in the 15K All American Rescue Flag each have a relationship to Big Dog Ranch Rescue. 15 Karats of rough diamonds have been placed throughout the flag. Symbolizing how precious each animal life is and the love and attention needed to polish the rough stone, these diamonds, like the ranch dogs, come alive and sparkle. Once forgotten, they are now found to live again.

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