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Ben Hogan Fluid Swing Sequence of Life

Ben Hogan Fluid Swing Sequence of Life

2021 Mixed Media on Canvas
54×72” (Life Size Five Panels) SOLD – Includes one original
canvas and one original companion NFT

The Ben Hogan Fluid Swing Sequence of Life shares the story of the iconic collaboration of golfs’ legendary Ben Hogan his work with illustrator, Anthony Ravielli of Sports Illustrated and Golf Digest, on the creation of The Five Lessons: Modern Fundamentals of Golf, 1957. This modern interpretation of the most famous and recognized illustrations of the golf swing share not only the story of Ben Hogan’s desire to impart others with his knowledge of the swing, it now tells the story of life lessons as seen through the key stages of the golf swing.

Fluidity being the critical element that connects all stages of the swing is imparted to this series through the use of color and POP ART CRs’ (Christopher Obetz) original technique of using hand-colored emulsions to create a sense of motion and connection from the backswing to follow through. Like golf and life, one must be connected to each day from start to finish.