Christopher Obetz

Custom Commisions

CryptoCR NFTs

Combining the physical and the digital, CR unites the physical process of his hand and paintbrush with the creative intellectual process. CR repurposes his original art through computer keyboard strokes, versus brushstrokes, to create what are now animated digital fine art NFTS.

Like the classical medias of painting and sculpture, today’s NFTs take on a new art form of their own. They are opening a path to the future of art history where the digital arts are now poised to become part of the long running traditions of the Great Masters.

Now, for the first time, CR explores the traditions of art throughout the centuries. In a collaboration with today’s leading and emerging digital talents, the POP ART GOLF NFT Collection, the world of Fine Art meets the new MetaVerse of Fine Art NFTs.

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What uniquely makes the Pop Art CR NFT series stand out from other NFTs are their creative roots based on collaboration with the original archives of acclaimed artists, athletes, and scholars.