The Dream Team

When ben-hogan-holding-golf-club-original-sports-illustrated-coverBen Hogan wrote the Five Lessons, Modern Fundamentals of Golf, 1957, he opened up his private thoughts for the world of golf enthusiasts to share in his personal journey of understanding the golf swing. As the 2021 US Open kicks off, we're all looking at ways we can improve our golf game. Join us in this series as we examine and explain Ben Hogan's Five Lessons, Modern Fundamentals of Golf.

In a collaboration with Anthony Ravielli, the most recognized sports illustrator of the past century and Herbert Warren Wind, golf’s most famous writer, they embarked to put Ben Hogan’s meticulous mental notes from his decades of practice and playing to pen and scratchboard. Together, it was a trifecta of utter perfection.   

Never before and never again has there ever been a combination of talent united for the single purpose of opening the doors to the mysteries of golf. United behind Ben Hogan, Anthony Ravielli and Herbert Warren Wind became the “dream team” for all who pursue their personal quest to play the game at their highest levels.

Today, as I write my first POP ART GOLF Blog, I feel it is most important to celebrate all three men. As an artist, I often find myself in collaboration with other artists, art from the past that still speaks to the present and others whose personal passions illuminate new ideas within me.

The creation of The Five Lessons is a work of art. It is a collaboration. It is the combined genius of three men who dedicated their lives to their own craft and passion like no one before or today.

To describe the Five Lessons as the “Holy Grail of Golf Instruction” or even the Rosetta stone isn’t an overstatement, it’s the truth.


It is in my personal journey as an artist, golf historian and lover of the game, which I have come to continually be stimulated by the art of Anthony Ravielli as portrayed through the words of Herbert Warren Wind and thoughts of Ben Hogan.

After almost two decades devoted to understanding the man behind the art of golf’s legends, preserving, protecting and celebrating his legacy, I found myself falling into this rare collaboration in my own creative way.

I’ve written four books, lectured and published based on Anthony Ravielli. I’ve shared the private stories told to me by Georgia Ravielli on her kitchen sofa about her husband's work with Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones, Patty Berg, Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus and a lifetime of golf’s greatest legends. I’ve held original sketches and scratchboards created for Ben Hogan and Bobby Jones. I have literally felt the connection to golf history and art history. It has been running through my veins for a lifetime since my grandfather first handed me the paperback version of Five Lessons on the driving range when I was a child. 

Decades later, this is when my own creative mind began to explore my own personal journey with golf. This is when the POP ART GOLF series sprang to life. I like to say this when I became the fourth collaborator; a modern artist with a love for the classics, and a profound respect for the Hogan, Wind, Ravielli collaboration.

The POP ART GOLF series represents a new place in time, today, where the past meets the present through the introduction of physical brushstrokes, original inspired colors and new technology.

Now, the next chapter begins. It is not only the evolution of the golf swing, but the story and art history behind the game of golf. The new chapter for golf art history lies not only in the addition of the physicality of the brushstrokes, the color and the texture, it shares the new stories to be told how golf and the golf swing metaphor life lessons.

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  • Visually telling new stories of how Golf and the Golf Swing can contain mirrored elements of life lessons. Write On!

    Tommie Easton

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