by Christopher Obetz

“The golf threesome of Ben Hogan, Herbert Warren Wind & Anthony Ravielli truly created the da Vinci Code for golf instruction”

Christopher “CR” Obetz

Many years ago, when I discovered the original drawings, sketches and illustrations created by Anthony Ravielli for Ben Hogan, set aside to be lost and forgotten, it was moment in time you never forget. Strewn across a billiard table in a Madison Avenue art gallery, golf’s most precious archives of Ben Hogan’s personal thoughts and writings, along with the scratchboards and sketches he and Anthony Ravielli had tirelessly worked on together for several years, were on their way to a final resting place never to been seen again. Side by side, from beginning to end, Ben Hogan and Anthony Ravielli, sought out to share Mr. Hogan’s “Fundamentals of Golf” with the world; for all to experience and enjoy. Together, these two men, both artists in their own right; Ben Hogan, the golfing equivalent of Leonardo da Vinci, Anthony Ravielli, the living Leonardo whose anatomical works had already become renowned through his works with Isaac Asimov in their collaboration for “The Wonders of the Human Body”. Along with the writings of golf’s most respected writer, Herbert Warren Wind, golf’s greatest collaboration began.

If ever a man has truly learned the secret of good, of great golf, it is Ben Hogan.” 

Sidney L. James,
Managing Editor, Sports Illustrated

Mr. Hogan originally set out to share his vision, personal thoughts and experiences for how to play golf at the highest level in a series of five articles written for Sports Illustrated. His intent was not only to help others to improve their game, but share in his love and passion for the game he treasured more than anything. At the time, Sports Illustrated, Managing Editor, Sidney L. James, whose devotion to his readers and what he called “a national mania in America for the yearning to play a better game,” served as his inspiration to reach out to Ben Hogan.

“POP ART GOLF speaks to both the past and the present; celebrating the art history of the game and those all who walked the fairways and into the hands of Anthony Ravielli and his scratchboards.”

Christopher “CR” Obetz

Personally, for over a decade, since the discovery of the Anthony Ravielli archives, I have been immersed in finding out all I could about the man behind what I consider the “art of instruction.” I have also become a student of the teachings of Ben Hogan, a teacher myself working with The First Tee. Most importantly, I have become what I consider myself, a new member of the collaborative team with Ben Hogan and Anthony Ravielli as my co-collaborators and inspiration behind POP ART GOLF. Sharing the creative and original voices of Ben Hogan and Anthony Ravielli with both new audiences and those who are already devoted Five Lessons fans in new ways has been my inspiration since day one. Now, for the first time, the original art as seen in the “Five Lessons: Modern Fundamentals of Golf,” will be available for all to enjoy

“It is an honor and privilege to create the first and only CR Fine Art Studio Limited Edition Print art series based on the original scratchboard drawings Anthony Ravielli created for Ben Hogan.”

Christopher “CR” Obetz

As it was “SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s privilege to bring the master’s fundamental wisdom to a wide audience by teaming up with the No. 1 golf writer in the nation, Herbert warrant Wind, and an artist with a special gift for freezing action into vivid instructional pictures, Anthony Ravielli,” it is now my privilege to make available these impeccable scratchboard etchings for all who love studying the art behind Ben Hogan’s vision and voice as well those who enjoy the beauty behind the art of the game.

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