100 Classic Golf Tips from Leading Ladies' Teaching and Touring Pros

by Christopher Obetz
100 Classic Golf Tips from Leading Ladies

For more than forty years, in the pages of Sports Illustrated, Anthony Ravielli documented the techniques of the world’s finest women golfers, including Glenna Colette Vere, Babe Zaharias, and Betsy Rawls. Ravielli’s art captures the intricacies of the game with more detail and beauty than any photograph could. Here, his illustrations are paired with timeless advice and helpful hints from today’s top teachers and players on the ladies’ circuit—from Kathy Whitworth and Jo Ann Carner to Micki Wright and Anneka Soramstam—as well as from the coaches and heroes who inspired them to rise to the top in what was once a man’s game. This marvelous companion to 100 Classic Golf Tips is a unique and invaluable instructional guide and an inspiration to women golfers of any level.

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